Journal of Business Findings is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on publishing empirical and theoretical research on: 

  • Credit Management
  • Banking and Investment
  • Pensions and Employee Benefits
  • Historical Perspectives in Accounting & Finance
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Asset Pricing Models and Financial Markets
  • Market Based Accounting and Decision Making
  • Organisations: Ownership, Governance and Performance
  • Work, labour and organisation
  • Financialisation and globalisation
  • Development and wellbeing
  • Environment, infrastructure, innovation and the circular economy
  • The macroeconomy and macroeconomic policy
  • Organisational strategy
  • Information Management
  • Learning and change
  • Human information processing
  • Decision making
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership and performance
  • Technology and innovation
  • Consumer buying behaviour
  • Analysis of consumer heterogeneous preferences and discrete choice analysis
  • Retailing and store choice analysis
  • Branding and brand equity
  • Formulating and implementing sustainability marketing strategies: Bridging the gap
  • Marketing strategy making
  • Emergent marketing strategy and decision making in marketing organizations
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • Green marketing and advertising
  • Business ethics
  • International marketing
  • Between Professions and Precarity: the New World of Work
  • Changing Structures of Governance and Organisation
  • Employment, Skills and Occupations
  • Labour Mobility, Migration and Citizenship
  • Markets, Flexibilisation and Social Protection
  • Voice, Representation and Social Movement

Nature of papers Published

Regular articles: These articles should have cautiously confirmed findings and the research methodologies used should be explained in sufficient detail in order to be easily verified by reviewers and later on readers. The length of a full paper should be the minimum required to describe and interpret the work clearly.

Short communications: In order to record the results of complete small investigations, detailing new models and innovative techniques, short communications should be used. Main sections styles may not conform to the full-length papers. They are 2-4 printed pages in detail (about 6-12 manuscript pages).

Reviews: Submissions of reviews are welcomed. Reviews should have brevity and clarity, covering 4-6 printed pages (about 12-18 manuscript pages).